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Ransomware Bombs Lurking On Your Computers—Free Fix Announced

Pittsburgh PA, December 11, 2017: There are many millions of computer hard drives, from every hard drive maker, that are especially open to devastating ransomware attacks not previously reported. These drives are known as a TCG Self-Encrypting drives (SEDs). If they are not properly initialized, there can be trouble with ransomware attacks. If these are…

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Announcing a USB Drive Appliance to Protect Against Ransomware

Pittsburgh PA, May 15, 2017: The hacker attacks that hit global networks with ransomware in a dozen nations last Friday, crippling operations from telecommunications and transportation to hospitals, underscores the need for effective protection from malware such as this. The Drive Trust Alliance (DTA) has created a USB drive appliance with up to two terabytes…

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Comments on Privacy Issues in Federal Automated Vehicles Policy

NHTSA published the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy Accelerating the Next Revolution in
Roadway Safety in the Federal Register requesting public comments by November 22, 2016.

To aid NHTSA in monitoring highly automated vehicles (HAV), the Agency will request that
manufacturers and other entities voluntarily provide reports regarding how the Guidance has
been followed. This reporting process may be refined and made mandatory through a future
rulemaking. It is expected that this would require entities to submit a Safety Assessment to
NHTSA for each HAV system, outlining how they are meeting this Guidance at the time they
intend their product to be ready for use (testing or deployment) on public roads.
Among other issues, the Safety Assessment would address the issue of Privacy.1 We recommend
that certain essential privacy requirements regarding the use of encryption be specifically
required in the Guidance.

Public comment by the DTA on NHTSA-2016-0090 at

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Webinar – Save the Data: How to Protect Data Wherever It Lives

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Data has exploded across devices and anything with memory. No matter where it lives and whatever it is – sensitive personal, medical, financial, business data, photos and music – all such data is highly vulnerable, In fact, breaches occur daily and the growing number of interconnected “things” means that even more data is open to attacks, theft, hacks, and loss. This webcast, featuring a leading expert on encryption and data protection, will examine just why stored-data is not always protected, the role of encryption across devices and storage systems, and how encryption can satisfy compliance regulations. The webcast will look at were to find secure data devices and how they can be deployed in the enterprise and in the IoT, as well as current and emerging standards to support growing demands and requirements for data protection and encryption.

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There Should Be No Encryption Backdoors, Only Front Doors

Dr. Robert Thibadeau, founder of the Drive Trust Alliance( and creator of the self-encrypting drive, comments on the Apple/FBI security debate and discusses how alternative “front doors” exist for providing law enforcement with access to mobile devices at appropriate times without compromising privacy and security through “back door” tools. View the Encryption Legislation Proposal

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Welcome to the Un-Car

What’s the biggest news out of CES last week? Car companies are cool again. No, they didn’t reveal a vehicle that’s capable of time travel when it hits 88 mph. They didn’t need to. They unveiled cars smart enough to predict where you want to go, drive you there, and learn from the other vehicles…

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Should Microsoft Have the Keys to My Stuff?

The technology behind computer security is getting more and more sophisticated, but the purpose behind it remains reassuringly simple. It all comes down to access. Who can see your stuff? Who can’t see your stuff? Who makes the decision? These are straightforward questions and when a security concern arises, these are the ones we should…

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