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Buy DTA Self-Encrypting USB Drives on Amazon!  On Amazon search "DTA hardware encrypting drive" and you will see all five of these TCG Opal Standard USB Drives.  These are the only non-proprietary Opal USB drives in the market.

Drive Trust Alliance Automotive/IoT Privacy and Safety Prototype

Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) technology is the same as Hardware Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) technology .  It provides profound data-leakage prevention benefits for computer users in ways that are more secure, easier, and more cost effective than other ways including Software FDE.

SEDs provide the best and easiest-to-use privacy and security on phones, pads, laptops, desktops, and data centers. The security and privacy benefits of SEDs are also essential in many Internet of Things environments such as automobiles, medical devices, industrial systems, and home and office automation.

The Drive Trust Alliance brings together the state of the art in SED technology.  Storage Device Makers, Storage Security Software Vendors, IT departments, and just plain End Users will find how to employ SED technology to solve many of today’s massive and serious data leakage problems.

You’ll see the authoritative listing of all available self-encrypting drives and all available software for using them, the best educational material, and the best possible services for companies and government entities.

We are not selling any product that we do not produce, and we give away source code. We also sell education and custom software services.

Our aim is to extend the benefits of SED technology to every computing environment in the world.

SEDs have already largely succeeded in data centers and on phones and pads. Indeed you are using SEDs whenever you go on the Internet, and all iPhones and iPads have been SEDs since the beginning.  Now is the time to succeed everywhere else on laptops, desktops and IoT. The DTA is committed to this effort, and we will earn your belief and reliance in us.

The 2015 SED Market and Technology Report - Available From Coughlin Associates

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