Who makes those SEDs? 

Non-Volatile storage devices are among the most high-tech devices in the world.  As a consequence, the original equipment manufacturers of these devices is not a large universe of companies.  This makes it easy to find makes and models of SEDs by going to the OEMs web site and searching with the right terms.

Traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDS)

Traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

OEM Home PageCommentOEM Search Terms to find their Products
www.hgst.comSubsidiary of WDC that makes TCG Opal and TCG EnterpriseSelf-encrypting drives
www.seagate.comTCG Opal and TCG Enterprise

Available for all Models

Self-encrypting Drives
http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/us/product/storage-products.htmlToshiba makes TCG HDD SEDs but they are very hard to findLook at both Enterprise (TCG Enterprise SAS) and Client (TCG Opal.)  Search does not work.
www.wdc.comDoes not make SEDs, but HGST, their subsidiary does, and WD makes SED USB drivesn/a
Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Note. There are hundreds of smaller players.

OEM Home PageCommentOEM Search Terms to find their Products off their home page
www.intel.comMakes SSDs, Raid Controllers both Opal and proprietary enterprisessd hardware encryption
www.micron.com / also calledwww.crucial.comWhile Micron SSDs are all SEDs, some lower end Crucial ones are not from what we can tellSelf-encrypting drives
www.samsung.comEVO Series SSDs are Opal Self-EncryptingEvo ssd self-encrypting
www.sandisk.com300 Series SSDs are Opal self-encryptingSelf-encrypting drives
www.seagate.comTCG EnterpriseSelf-encrypting Drives
www.seagate.comTCG Opal and Enterprise SanForce SSD ControllersSanforce flash controller
http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/us/product/storage-products.htmlToshiba makes SED SSDs but they are very hard to findLook at both Enterprise (TCG Enterprise SAS) and Client (TCG Opal.  Search does not work.
USB SED Attached Storage Drives

USB SED Attached Storage Drives

OEM Home Page Comment OEM Search Terms to find their Products off their home page
www.wdc.com USB Drives, Proprietary Encryption in Bridge Chip Hardware Encryption USB
www.samsung.com USB Drives, SED, not evidently TCG but proprietary Portable SSD
www.ironkey.com Proprietary self-encrypting Hardware self-encrypting flash drives
us.toshiba.com/ Proprietary self-encrypting Flash Drive Encrypted
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