The Drive Trust Alliance software (sedutil) is an Open Source (GPLv3) effort to make core Self Encrypting Drive technology freely available to developers. The source repository for the DTA tools is hosted on Github.  Go for it.

The DTA Open Source can be employed freely not only for higher security applications but also for integration in embedded applications such as Automotive, Aerospace, Home Automation, and everywhere where the Data Leakage problem has already become obvious and where it will be obvious.  The storage device suppliers are already gearing to give you self-encrypting storage.  All you have to do is work with them.  Have a great time.

If you are a Gold or Platinum Member we will provide customization software services on the open source on a work for hire basis.  Consider us for our unique capabilities in providing open source customization.


Like all open source efforts, we depend on contributions to keep our efforts current.  If you support us on Patreon we offer discounts up to 100% on an Amazon purchase of one of our USB Opal Drives with our commercial software based on our Open Source.
Thank you from the Drive Trust Alliance!
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