Industry Standard Self-Encrypting Drive Storage
ERASE Private Data from Auto when Selling*
Protect Private Data unless Auto Key is Present**

Patent Pending***
Do you want others to know the stuff that your car knows?

Keynote at Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Conference

Dig Deeper on AutoErase

Speaking to Vehicular/IoT Technology Listening

*Or giving Auto to someone, reassigning, reassigning drivers, moving Auto to a new place, or any other types of repurposing.

**Or having multiple drivers, reassigning drivers temporarily, providing the car to a shop, giving to a valet, parking in lot with an attendant,  renting a car, or any other types of situations where someone else temporarily has control of the auto or is provided with shared control for any length of time.

***Our key management patent(s) apply to much more than Highly Autonomous Vehicles (HAVs) ... land, sea, air, or space.  Also IoT, Smart Homes and Buildings are covered.  Indeed, our technology applies to any heterarchical acyclic directed graph of non-volatile storage/compute nodes connected by any network whether two way or one way. A familiar example of such a structure is DNS on the Internet, as well as any modern laptop, desktop, or server.  Our interest is fast, cost effective, assured, secure, and safe protection of privacy sensitive data and programs in a heterogeneous distributed storage/compute environment.

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