Comments on Privacy Issues in Federal Automated Vehicles Policy

NHTSA published the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy Accelerating the Next Revolution in
Roadway Safety in the Federal Register requesting public comments by November 22, 2016.

To aid NHTSA in monitoring highly automated vehicles (HAV), the Agency will request that
manufacturers and other entities voluntarily provide reports regarding how the Guidance has
been followed More hints. This reporting process may be refined and made mandatory through a future
rulemaking. It is expected that this would require entities to submit a Safety Assessment to
NHTSA for each HAV system, outlining how they are meeting this Guidance at the time they
intend their product to be ready for use (testing or deployment) on public roads.

Among other issues, the Safety Assessment would address the issue of Privacy.1 We recommend
that certain essential privacy requirements regarding the use of encryption be specifically
required in the Guidance.

Public comment by the DTA on NHTSA-2016-0090 at

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