Protect your Self-Encrypting Drive against attack
The increasing popularity of solid state drives for Windows laptops, desktops, and servers carries a hidden threat if the drive is a Self-Encrypting Drive that has not been properly configured to prevent ransomware attacks and denial of service attacks
If you are hit by one of these attacks, your only option is to set the drive back to factory state and lose all the data, or to pay the ransom to have the attacker get your data back
SED Protect is a lightweight software application that detects if you have a vulnerable configuration and quickly lets you set up a control password that immunizes the drive against these ransomware and denial of service attacks
SED Protect does not lock your drive, but prevents an attacker from locking it

Ransomware Bombs Lurking On Your Computers

Free Fix Announced
Self-Encrypting Drive Attack Demo

We are offering SED Protect based on our open source software.
If you have an SSD on a Windows machine we highly recommend that you check your configuration and repair it if necessary with SED Protect.

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SED Protect Tutorial

Want a Full Functionality USB Drive Kit?

Our Full Functionality USB Drive Kit contains SED Control.  This performs the function of SED Protect as well, but additionally lets you lock your USB drive to prevent others from accessing the data on it.

Need Centralized Encryption Management?

Secure a fleet of Windows PCs – with and without enabled SED drives – using a simple, web-managed tool.  Beachhead’s SimplySecure™ can enforce encryption and security policy on PCs, Macs, and mobile and USB storage devices from one unified management console.

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