Trusted Computing Group – TCG

The Storage Workgroup of the Trusted Computing Group has developed the only comprehensive industry standards for SEDs.

  • Interface Specifications for Setting up KEK one or more KEK passwords and using them.
  • Interface Specifications for Setting up separate partitions on a drive with different KEKs and different MEKs.
  • Interface Specifications for using cryptographic erasure for repurposing or disposal of SEDs.
  • Interface Specifications enabling IT or Cloud central management of SEDs.

The educational resources for SEDs are here:

If you want to save time, a useful and authoritative explanation of SEDs is on their SED FAQ.

The technical specifications are free for the taking and here:  Storage Specifications

There are a number of specifications but the main ones to look at are Opal and Enterprise.  These are both derived from what is called the Core specification.  The Core will give you an idea of what you can ask manufacturers you might want besides what is in Opal or Enterprise.

Our DTA Open Source software implements the Opal Specifications, and much of the Enterprise Specifications.



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