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Lights, Camera, Legal Action?

by Simon Tidnam Imagine you’re driving through an intersection when another car slams into you. You’re stunned to hear the other driver claim they had right of way. It’s not going to be easy to prove who was at fault. Now imagine you have a video recording that shows exactly what happened. Wouldn’t that be…

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Welcome to the Un-Car

What’s the biggest news out of CES last week? Car companies are cool again. No, they didn’t reveal a vehicle that’s capable of time travel when it hits 88 mph. They didn’t need to. They unveiled cars smart enough to predict where you want to go, drive you there, and learn from the other vehicles…

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Should Microsoft Have the Keys to My Stuff?

The technology behind computer security is getting more and more sophisticated, but the purpose behind it remains reassuringly simple. It all comes down to access. Who can see your stuff? Who can’t see your stuff? Who makes the decision? These are straightforward questions and when a security concern arises, these are the ones we should…

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