Opal IT USB Drive
IT Managed Self-Encryption Assurance

USB Self-Encrypting Drives for Small IT Organizations

Even small organizations need to preserve the secrecy or privacy of their data.  You can be rapidly put out of business or put into legal trouble if you can't do it.

The Drive Trust Alliance (DTA) has introduced a USB drive that is hardware encrypting for high assurance against unwanted data leakage, while giving the organization Administrator Control over the drive and up to Eight individual Users.

No expensive and complex central management is required.  Just buy these drives and you are good to go.   For added assurance, FIPS 140 versions of the drives are available.

When you first get a drive, the first password you set is the Administrator password.   You can then set up to 8 User passwords.  Users can unlock a drive and read and write the data on the drive, but cannot disable their password.  Furthermore if users leave and has somehow arranged to have their password undocumented, the Administrator can always get to the data.

Finally, when the time comes to repurpose the drive for another data set or another set of users, the Administrator can in a matter of a few seconds cryptographically erase the drive and set up new users for it.

For small organizations, the DTA IT Drive is the perfect solution for protecting the security and privacy of the data and programs they collect and use.




USB 3.0+ Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive, Option for FIPS 140 Compliance

128GB up to 8TB

Hardware Encryption: Trusted Computing Group Opal Standard 256 Bit AES Self-Encrypting Drive.  Certified for Opal Compliance by DTA.

Ultra-fast Crypto-Erase for the Administrator for repurposing a drive or permanently destroying all the data on it.

With good passwords, under control of the Administrator, these are ultrasecure.  No physcal attack on a disconnected drive can get at the data.  Use the US Mail or ship over seas using UPS!  Can be unlocked using any DTA SED Access Unlock Agent, on Windows or MAC.

Provides one organization Administrator password, and up to 8 separate User Passwords.  

Supported by DTA's open source command line interface.  For DTA Silver Members, IT Scripts are available for remote configuration, unlocking, and even erasure with Administrator credentials.

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