Opal Forensic USB Drive
Read-Only Self-Encryption Assurance

USB Self-Encrypting Drives for Forensics and Digital Evidence

The Drive Trust Alliance (DTA) offers USB Self-Encrypting Drives for digital evidence collection, preservation, and distribution.  In eForensics a well-known first-step involves taking the data on the original drive and copying that over to another drive in order to reduce the likelihood that data on the original drive will be modified either intentionally or unintentionally.  The DTA Forensic drive is a perfect solution for making and distributing bonifide copies of the original.

And later, if destruction of the copies is required, the data on a copy can be destroyed by fast, permanent, and effective crypto-erase.    Once a drive is crypto-erased, it is back in factory state and can be quickly and easily configured for another digital evidence case.

With the fast USB 3.0+ interface, even large drives can be copied quickly.

The DTA Forensics Drive will take one Administrator and up to 8 Read Only Users.  Read Only Users can only unlock a drive for reading.  They cannot modify data on the drive.  The Administrator can read, write, and erase a drive.



USB 3.0+ Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive.  Option for drive with FIPS 140 Compliance.

Drive Capacity: 128GB to 4TB.

Supported by DTA's open source command line interface.  For DTA Silver Members, shell scripts are available for bypassing or simplifying even our user-friendly GUI interfaces.  This includes the capability of assuring remote erasure which is useful in some circumstances.

Hardware Encryption: Trusted Computing Group Opal Standard 256 Bit AES Self-Encrypting Drive.  Certified for Opal Compliance by DTA.

With good passwords, under control of the Administrator, these drives are ultrasecure so the Forensics organization and the legal community can rest assured that the original data is intact, uncorrupted, and private to those who have a right to view it.

Provides for one Administrator and up to 8 Read-Only Users.  Because all elements are industry standard to published specifications of the Trusted Computing Group, FIPS, USB, and SATA, all elements of the security and privacy configurations can be publicly inspected.

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