Opal Family USB Drive
Parental Control Self-Encryption Assurance

USB Self-Encrypting Drives for Families!

Keeping your stuff private is a huge challenge for families in the digital age.  DTA has a USB drive for you which is better than any of those other USB drives you can buy even those that are also hardware encrypting.

Here's the deal.  Our Family USB Drive lets a parent or provider have administrator control over a Family Drive and gives the children, or other dependents, their own User passwords.   Up to 8 family members can have their own User passwords.

What can the Administrator do?  The Administrator can enable users by setting passwords for them.  You need not worry if your child has a good password, because you set it.  Each child has their own password so it is unlikely that if one child tells their friends about their password, you can fix the problem without making others in your family change theirs.  The other family members cannot turn encryption off.  So you can rely on the fact that they must use their password to gain access to the drive.  The Administrator can always read the drive contents if needed.

And, since these are hardware AES 256 Industry Standard Opal Self-Encrypting drives, you need not worry about you or your childrens drive being read or written to by someone else if the drive is lost or otherwise taken away by somebody.

Finally, only the Administrator can cryptographically erase the drive and set it back to a blank factory state.  So, if you buy a drive and later decide to give it to someone else you can very quickly erase all the data on it, in a matter of a second or two.

Our Family USB drives reduce your fears for your family in every way.




Drive Type: USB 3.0+ Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive

Drive Size: 128GB up to 2TB

Hardware Encryption: Trusted Computing Group Opal Standard 256 AES Self-Encrypting Drive

Supported by DTA's open source command line interface.  You need not be bound to only use our commercial software.   No security problem because the password is what hat controls unlocking and administrator access.

With a good password, ultrasecure.  No physical attack on a disconnected drive can get at the data.  Can be unlocked using any DTA SED Access Unlock Agent, on Windows or MAC.

Provides one Family Administrator and up to 8 Family Users with their own passwords.

Ultra-fast Crypto-Erase for the Administrator for giving the drive to someone else or later donation.

The Operating System does not know the password.  Never fear that simply getting the laptop or phone gives access to the data.

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