Opal Archive USB Drive
Managed Open-Source Based Self-Encryption

USB Self-Encrypting Drive for Archive Data

Archives of data come in many forms.  Some forms are just for storage in a cave somewhere.  Others are for sharing archive data sets for specialized digital libraries.  Many times, if not most times, the owner of the data set is happy to let you see it, but certainly doesn't want the data set to come back corrupted or modified in any way.    The Drive Trust Alliance has introduced an Archive Self-Encrypting Drive precisely for people and organizations that want to share large data sets, but share privately, and securely.  Even if they have the option to share in the cloud, they may not trust the cloud supplier to keep the datasets completely private and viewable only by people they do trust.

This is where the DTA Self-Encrypting USB Drive for Archives comes in.  We supply a simple to use and powerfully secure solution.  Most important, because the drive use the international standard Opal Self-Encrypting Drive specification, and nothing else, the archivist need never worry that he cannot get at the encrypting data, even if we go away.  Our open source code also provides a command line interface that lets anybody who knows how to unlock the drive read or read and write the contents.

These drives all accept one drive Administrator who can then create up to 8 Users each with their own unlock key.  Most importantly, the Administrator can make sure that the Users can only read the data off the drive.  The Users cannot write or otherwise modify the data sets.  Since the Administrator is the only one who can create the User passwords, he can insure that all the passwords are good and strong and not have to rely on users to "be good."


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Drive Type: USB 3.0+ Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive

Drive Capacity: 128 GB to 2TB

Supported by DTA's open source command line interface that works on Windows, MAC, and Linux.  For DTA Silver Members, shell scripts are available to automate command line interface actions, including User unlocking or Administrator login.

Hardware Encryption: Trusted Computing Group Opal Standard 256 AES Self-Encrypting Drive.  FIPS 140 Drives are available.

With good passwords, ultrasecure.  No physical attack on a disconnected drive can get at the data.  Can be unlocked by the Administrator or any of 8 Users using any DTA SED Access Unlock Agent on Windows or MAC.

Provides Ultra-Fast Crypto-Erase for the Administrator for repurposing an archive drive by permanently erasing all the data on it.  Users cannot erase or modify any data.

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